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Cocker Spaniel Coat Color Inheritance

Breeding for an all white Cocker Spaniel

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K Gene Dominant Black BlackBrown RecessiveBlack BlackTanSable Sable bred Buff Blue Buff Chinchilla Parti Roan Progression of Roan Ticking Inheritance Interactive Genes All-White Spots
phase 4
those are minus and equal signs
 =  64 possible combinations
- 36 of them are black
= 28 possible combinations
- 12 of them that are different shades of buff
= 16 different shades of clear sable
including  the 4 that are also homozygous for buff
- 4 of these do not carry extreme chinchila, but one of these buffs is also a clear sable should be pretty light colored (good luck on culling that one)
= 12 different shades of clear sable that do carry extreme chinchilla 
( cream )
this leaves the possiblity of selection to 12 out of 64

this doesn't mean 64 divided by 12 which is about 5 
interpreted to 1 in 5 link to chart

this means that out of 64 puppies you should have about 12 to select from
this is the color you are looking for on a real dog 
( cream Border Collie )

intro phase 1 phase 2 phase 3 phase 4 phase 5 conclusion
Phase one Phase Two Phase Three Phase Four Phase Five Conclusion Typical Sable Clear Sable Silver Cocker Cream
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