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Cocker Spaniel Coat Color Inheritance

Coat Color Inheritance in Cocker Spaniels

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K Gene Dominant Black BlackBrown RecessiveBlack BlackTanSable Sable bred Buff Blue Buff Chinchilla Parti Roan Progression of Roan Ticking Inheritance Interactive Genes All-White Spots
1. The color does not skip a generation.

2. On the average a relatively large number of the progeny are affected.

3. Only affected individuals carry the color.

4. With color of this sort, there is less danger of continuing undesirable color in a strain, than is the case with recessive color.

5. The breeding formula for each individual is quite certain.

1. The color may skip one or more generations.

2. On the average a relatively small percentage of the individuals in the strain carry the color.

3. Only those which carry a pair of genes for that color (exhibit it).

4. Those carrying only one gene can be seen only by mating, hence there is much more danger of accidentally contaminating the strain than is the case with dominant color.

5. The color must come from both sides of the family.
Homozygous is an animal carrying the same form of a gene such as E E. Hetrozygousity is an animal that carries two different forms of the same gene such as E e.

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