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Cocker Spaniel Coat Color Inheritance

Coat Color Inheritance in Cocker Spaniels

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Coat Color Sections:
K Gene Dominant Black BlackBrown RecessiveBlack BlackTanSable Sable bred Buff Blue Buff Chinchilla Parti Roan Progression of Roan Ticking Inheritance Interactive Genes All-White Spots
A = uniformly colored hair shaft
a/y = sable (hair shaft banded with red/yellow/black - in homozygous yellow like collies)
a/t = tan points of feet, nose, eyebrow, under the tail 
B = black

b = brown
C = does nothing (non chinchilla)

ch = Lightens all colors execpt black
xch = ( silver ) Lightens all colors execpt black (nearly white)
D = non dilute color

d = dilute color (blue)
E = black or brown

e = buff 
R = roan

r = non roan
S = solid colored coat

s/p = piebald (patchy white spotting)
s/w = (all white, nearly) 
T = ticking (colored spots in the white patches)

t = non ticking
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