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Subject: Re: [CkrGenetics] The K gene and its effect on the coat color phenotype in Co...
From: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 15:09:09 EDT
To: [email protected]
I would have to disagree  with you that there are no true brindles in cockers. I have seen them more than once in thirty years. I believe the one I know is still alive is a descendant from the first ones I saw nearly 28 years ago in Florida. These two girls were shipped to the CSC of Kentucky show and caused quite a stir as the breeder believed them to be sable. They were not but they were true brindles. The sire was a Lorli dog. Several of us had s discussions with Frances Greer at the time and confirmed that brindle had been used as a color on more than one stud book entry. Unlike for example the merle pattern-- brindle is not new at all. Terri Pascal

The K gene:
Kb black chart
kbr brindle chart
ky yellow chart

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