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Subject: [CkrGenetics] Lorli Something Else, CD brindle ACS
From: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 17:18:46 EDT

 Hi Terri & List, I believe that it was the late Dr. Owen Young of Keko's Cockers in CA. who also had at least one maybe more of the brindle cockers. I think the late Michael Allen even had an article in the TM magazine sometime in the late 80s to 90s.  I don't remember what year or month though?? Does anyone else remember the issue I am talking about?Yes, Yvonne Koski of Lorli had one that is even listed in the on-line ASCHR. *   Lorli Something Else ,CD   SE57340   F    529   Koske , Yvonne
Born: 5/2/1983   Color: Brindle,
By:  Ch. Campbell's Caballero  x Lori Sable Pixie Labell
CAT:  9/1/1991  PRA:9/1/1991 Ch. Campbell's Caballero's extended pedigree, who happens to be a great grandson four generations back to our blk foundation bitch Missy, aka Cal-Ore's Satan's Mistress, CD thru Missy's great grandson Whiz, aka Ch. Cirkle C's Tri My Fudge bred by Carolyn Phelps of Cirkle C Cockers, the first choc/tri champion in breed history. This was rather exciting to Mom and I as we had not heard of anyone with a brindle cocker before hearing about the Lorli bitch and reading Michael's article in the TM magazine and it was even more interesting to us as to our knowledge we have never had a brindle in our breeding program, nor knew of anyone else with our bloodlines that did till this girl listed here. Yes, there are other well known dogs in the brindle girl's pedigree besides our few dogs. Dam to Lorli Something Else, CD Lorli Sable Pixie Label SD039552,Sable Bitch
Dam:KASSANDRA KATHY Lightcap extended pedigree. Don't know where Kassadra Kathy goes though. I think maybe Terri Nesmith of Cattailcreek Cockers might have more info about the girl listed above as Yvonne is her mentor and helped her get started in Cockers. I also think that some time back Terri had also sent us the same picture that Carolann just sent the list. It is another thing that was lost when our puter crashed a while ago. Terri also worked with her for about 20 yrs. Yvonne was not doing so well last we had talked to her on the phone. Sometime after speaking with Yvonne on the phone, Terri also said she was not really doing that much with the dogs anymore. Nancy L. Ray & Lisa L. Ray
Brooks, OR. 97305-9732 USA
Phone: 503-792-3479
E-mail: [email protected]

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