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Subject: Re: [CkrGenetics] Lorli Something Else, CD brindle ACS
From: "Hobbihill" 
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 15:44:36 -0700

 This is interesting as a sable/white bitch I bought from Mary Wooley has in her background what must have been a sister to Lorli Sable Pixie Label-She is  Label's Mahogany Majic (Sable/white)  same parents.So it looks like the brindle came thru the same lines as the sable in this pedigree, that is the only side of the pedigree I could find would have produced the sable.I would love to know more about the Kassandra  Kathy pedigree, I did talk to the Lady who had Label's and she told me Kassandra was a black, with white on throat but she had tan undercoat, not a black/white as listed.See attached pedigree.Doylean
[email protected]      Dam to Lorli Something Else, CD Lorli Sable Pixie Label SD039552,Sable Bitch

Lorli Lightcap extended pedigree.


The K gene:
Kb black chart
kbr brindle chart
ky yellow chart

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