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Cocker Spaniel Coat Color Inheritance

Recesseve Black

Brown and White with silvering
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K Gene Dominant Black BlackBrown RecessiveBlack BlackTanSable Sable bred Buff Blue Buff Chinchilla Parti Roan Progression of Roan Ticking Inheritance Interactive Genes All-White Spots
In  these pages I have made a animated gif to represent the extremes of tan pointed Cockers , It starts from the average (typical) and progress to the extreme recessive black.  Do not forget to read the text.And yes I know my graphic ability sucks but you'll get the idea

Recessive Black:
Recessive Black Animated gif
Angel Kisses at 10 wks
Angel Kisses at five months
Angel Kisses at six months
Sables are Cocker Too!email list
Sables are Cocker Too! web site

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