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Cocker Spaniel Coat Color Inheritance

Recesseve Black

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 updated: with the new information on the underlying coat color factors found here
'RECESSIVE BLACK' is the result of carrying the recessive black agouti gene (a) in conjunction with the tan agouti gene. When a Cocker Spaniel carries the 'a and at' the tan is not as well expressed. A 'Recessive Black' is an all black cocker that carries a gene for tan points (at) and recessive black( a). These individuals will sometimes eventually show a small amount of tan on the eye brows ( sometimes only one eye ) or a few tan colored hairs under the tail. This change towards the tan phenotype is occasionally permanent. All of these effected cockers will pass on either tan point genes or recessive black to their offspring.
The recessive 'a' gene works similarly with the sable gene

Transitory Sable/recessive sable;
This is part of an email I sent in reply to a question about a transitory sable
A transitory sable is born with the base color only. Sable fades in without the usual accompanying tan, last for a couple of days or a week, then disappears. This phenomenon can occur a couple of times the first year of life, never to return. This puppy's sire went through this transition twice, first at a couple of months, sable started to show on the sides of his head, lasted about a week. At six or eight months he began sabeling over the top of his head, three days later it was completely gone. This phenomenon is apparently (in my mind) the result of recessive black and its affect on sable.

A tan pointed cocker carrying recessive 'a' will not express the tan fully if at all, and can transition from a little to none.
A sable Cocker carrying recessive 'a' will only show sableing on the parts of the body normaly not effected by tan points,.Eye lids not eyebrows, outsides of ears not underneath, sides of the head not sides of the muzzle ect.

Recessive Black:
Recessive Black Animated gif
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Angel Kisses at five months
Angel Kisses at six months
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