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Cocker Spaniel Coat Color Inheritance

Spots not Piebald

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To promulgate the theory of independent autosomal dominants
using cockers similar to Tasha and Cassie.
The preferential breeding would be to an extreme piebald dog with as few of the ticking genes as possible.
Selection of offspring that appeared to segregate the varying types of spots.
Breed brother to sister or offspring to parent, always selectively maintaining  the highest  degree of  phenotypical  homozygosity.
This selection process could continue until the hypothesis is proved or disproved or unacceptable deleterious anomaly's crop up.
If the unexpected happens just back up one generation and interject new blood by out breeding to a phenotypically similar dog/bitch.
Restart the process making selection adjustments as seems necessary

Tasha Cassie Theory
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