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Abbreviations used for Colors and Markings
from the AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB computer as of
Oct.17 2002
AGT Agouti
APCT Apricot
BCKSN Buckskin
BF Buff
BG Beige
BHEIM Blenheim
BL Blue
BLK Black
BLK-TN Black-and-Tan
BLTK BlueTick
BLTN Belton
BRDL Brindle
BRN Brown
BRNZ Bronze
BSCT Biscuit 
BVR Beaver
CAFÉ Café Au Lait
CHCL Charcoal
CHLT Chocolate
CHMPA Champagne
CHSTNT Chestnut
CMN Cinnamon
CPR Copper
CR Cream
DG Deadgrass
DK Dark
DPL Dapple
FN Fawn
FN(ISB) Fawn (Isabella)
GLD Gold
GLDN Golden
GR Gray
GRZL Grizzle
HLQN Harlequin
INK BL Inky Blue
ISB Isabella
LMN Lemon
LT Light
LVR Liver
MALT BRDL Maltese Brindle 
MHGY Mahognay
MNTL Mantle
MRL Merle
MSTD Mustard
ORG Orange
OVRLY Overlay
PK Pink
PLMNO Palomino
PLTM Platinum
RBY Ruby
RCH Rich
RD Red
RDSH Reddish 
RDTK RedTick
RN Roan
RST Rust
SBL Sable
SDG Sedge
SDL Saddle
SESME Sesame
SHD Shading
SL Seal
SLT PPR Salt & Pepper
SLTE Slate
SLVR Silver
SMT Smut
SNDY Sandy
STG Stag 
STL Steel
TIG Tiger
TKD Ticked
TN Tan
TRI Tri-Colored
TWNY Tawny
UNDRCT Undercoat
WH White
WHTN Wheaten
WLDBR Wild Boar
WLFGR Wolfgray
YLW Yellow


BDGR Badger
BLNK-BCK Blanket-Back
BRDLG Brindling
DBL Double
DKR Darker
DLUT Dilute
DMNO Domino
DTCH Dutch
FCE Face
FRNSHS Furnishings
IRSH PIED Irish Pied
MKGS Markings
MSK Mask
MZL Muzzle
PBLD Piebald
PNTO Pinto
(PRD) (Predominant)
PRTI Parti-Colored
PTCHD Patched
PTCHS Patches
PTS Points
SBLG Sabling
SDL-BCK Saddle-Back
SPKLD Speckled
SPTD Spotted
SPTS Spots
TPS Tips
TRI Tri-Color
TRM Trim
W/CP With Cap
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